What a wonderful season it was! From Powder Days to Sunny days, we’re counting down our 10 favorite photos of the season:


Just Missed the Cut:

Ambassador Trish Barrere enjoying a late February day off.

Rider: Trish Barrere. Photo: Jon Resnick


10: Family Catwalk

Nothing is as important as family. To have the opportunity to share an experience together is a true blessing. Helping create these moments, and to foster a family-friendly environment is one of our top goals here at Beaver Creek.

Family: The Ehrlich’s. Photo: Jon Resnick

9: Larkspur-Choose your terrain!

One of our favorite areas of the mountain- Larkspur Bowl features it all; groomed blues and blacks, moguls, and trees.

Skiers: Kim Beekman and Tim Dyer. Photo: Jon Resnick

8: Powdery Solitude in the Aspens

No caption needed.

Skier: Tim Dyer. Photo: Jon Resnick

7: A Classic Beaver Creek Sunset

While here at Beaver Creek, definitely try to catch Sunrise or Sunset. They can be incredibly stunning.

Photo: Jon Resnick

6: Bountiful Bottomless Powder

This photo was taken in January, in which we received over 6 feet of snow!

Skier: Kristen Hartel. Photo: Jon Resnick

5: A Lovely Chair in the Sky

Taking in the beauty of the mountains and enjoying moments with friends and family can often be the most meaningful part of the day.

Photo: Jon Resnick

4: On Cloud Nine…literally

Some moments in the mountains are simply magical. This was certainly one of those mornings. 6 inches of fresh snow to play in while enjoying the site of the clouds rolling through.

Skier: Lee Steele. Photo: Jon Resnick

3: Thursday Night Lights

Thursday nights during the winter are a special time here, with the glow worm ski down, and of course Thursday Night Lights.

Photo: Brendan Caffrey

2: Just a Standard Beaver Creek Day

Photo: Jon Resnick

Bonus: Goodbye to Drink of Water (Lift 5)

With a new high-speed quad to debut as Red Buffalo Express (#5) during the 2017-2018 winter season, we had to pay homage with a farewell photo to Drink of Water.

Photo: Jon Resnick

1: Cookies and Corduroy

Photo: Ken Hoeve