Hi! My name is Jon Resnick and I was Beaver Creek’s Brand Content Coordinator during the 2016-2017 winter season. What does that mean exactly? Well, I wasn’t always taking GoPro selfie videos, but yes – that was a small part of my job when the conditions called for it. What my job really entailed was showing off the beauty of Beaver Creek to the world via our social media channels. Whether it was a powder day or a bluebird day, I was out there 5 days a week doing my best to highlight the beauty Beaver Creek has to offer.

Over the course of the season I took nearly 25,000 photos and I thought I’d use this blog to share some of my most memorable.


Day 1: Patrol Pup

I took this photo on my first day of work. I was with a few coworkers and we saw a patroller with his puppy en route to a meeting with Ski Patrol. I was pretty nervous but totally stoked I was able to capture the cuteness of this little guy.



Week 2: Corduroy for days

I took this photo on my 2nd week of work, a few days before we opened. This was one of the first photos that really had my coworkers excited about the season to come, and was definitely a nice validation for me.

The “Snowbow”

I mean who doesn’t love a good rainbow?


Snowmakers Save the Day

I got super lucky in the couple weeks before the mountain opened. I would typically head up Centennial Express Lift at 7:30am to capture photos. I had a number of days in a row where I started to head down to the office without as many quality images as I’d hoped to capture. Often snowmakers would save my day. Just as I was about to leave, I’d catch them monitoring and adjusting snowmaking equipment. They worked long days, outside, overnight, and had the most amazing attitude. Snowmakers: you rock!


The Beauty in Snowmaking

There’s something about the snow guns that always catches my eye. I think it’s the contrast between nature and a man-made object creating a natural occurrence – and makes for some pretty photos.


Thanksgiving Week

I took this photo on the run “Solitude” and really felt it captured…well…solitude. It also performed really well on Instagram which felt good – thanks for those likes 🙂


Early December Pow

This was taken on Gold Dust on December 7th. Skier Tim Dyer is an absolute pro and makes taking awesome powder shots a cinch. More shots of Tim to come.


The Perfect Morning: 6″ of Powder and a Cloud Inversion

As a photographer, this had to be my favorite morning ever. It was December 23rd and we received 6″ of snow. From Larkspur, you could see a cloud inversion (clouds hang low, below the top of the mountain). It was absolutely stunning, and awesome skiing. Here are a bunch of photos from that morning:



Stone Creek Chutes Opening

I was personally super excited for the chutes to open, as it’s one of my favorite areas on the mountain. If you look closely, you can see skier Tim Dyer’s pole sticking out from “the white room.” I was really proud that this photo was shared by Skiing Magazine.

Stone Creek and Larkspur Morning

I ran into who else but Tim Dyer, who happened to be skiing with Kim Beekman of Ski and Skiing Magazine on the morning of December 29. Kim and Tim both absolutely rip and it was a pleasure to capture some shots of them for an hour or so.



We received over 6 feet of snow in January and this day (January 5th) was just unreal. On my first run, the autofocus on my camera wasn’t working and I was not feeling good. I shot in manual the rest of the day, and definitely got in the zone soon after I switched. I definitely felt like I was crushing it this day. I got a bunch of great photos and a solid 20 second video compilation, all while updating our Instagram story and posting on other channels.


White Glove First Tracks

Getting on the mountain for sunrise is truly something special. I went on our “White Glove First Tracks” the morning after the powder day I just referenced, and it did not disappoint.


Classic Beaver Creek Chairlift

This was my first photo that I really felt was a signature Beaver Creek shot. (Taken January 18th)


Snow Shimmer

I love how the snow can shimmer and glisten in the morning, and I really feel that this photo captures that snow shimmer feeling. (January 21).



Sunrise from Wildridge

Wildridge is a community that is on a mountain across from Beaver Creek. It is one of many places in the area that offers incredible sunrises and sunsets. This was one of the first times (January 27) I drove over to capture the sunrise over the mountain.


February 12: Another Cloud Inversion!

I had never been lucky enough to witness a cloud inversion, and here I was, witnessing another. I was fortunate enough to witness 3 this winter, and had my camera gear with me every time.


Family Moments

Time spent with family is treasured. To have the opportunity to follow a family skiing here was a total honor. I love the connection between mother and daughter in the first photo. I love the second photo, getting the first moment of impact, and being there to see how funny these two thought it was that they tangled each other up.


Thresher Glade Powder Day

We had a huge video shoot at Beaver Creek this season. The director worked on the original Star Wars and the footage is unreal – you will all be blown away when you see it! I tagged along with the crew on March 3rd for a bit and got this shot while they were probably getting something 1000 times cooler. I still like it though!


Sunflares for days

I shot at the Burton US Open of Snowboarding over in Vail, and my counterpart in Vail (Dave Neff) got some unreal sunflare shots. I didn’t even think of taking a sunflare while there, but I was definitely thinking about it afterwards. Here are a couple of my favorites from early March after that time.


Bird of Prey over Birds of Prey

I live in Avon and while there are plenty of bald eagles in the general vicinity, I was shocked to see one sitting on Nottingham Lake on my way to work. It’s pretty cool to have a picture of a bird of prey soaring over the Birds of Prey area on the mountain. Taken on March 17.

March 28: Accidental Beauty

We received a nice dusting of snow and on the drive up to the resort I pulled over briefly to get this shot. When I first looked at the camera I was not satisfied. I missed what I was going for and regretted not staying longer to take more shots. How important are weekly meetings anyway right? Nevertheless, I’m a punctual dude and got to the meeting right on time. Usually shots are very deliberate, but every now and then you get something that totally wasn’t what you were going for, but you end up loving. This was one of those shots for sure. I love the pinkish/redish tint from the sun flare and I think the photo has a deserty black and white feel, though the editing is almost non existent.


The Final Thursday Night Lights

I had not taken photos at Thursday Night Lights all season, so for the final night I knew I had to get something! I like the perspective of this shot since Centennial is so prominent.


Goodbye Drink of Water

On April 5th I saw my 3rd inversion of the season. I had done our first Facebook live from the roof of Spruce Saddle and headed up Cinch. I accidentally left a Go Pro on the roof taking a timelapse, and when I looked back I could see the clouds rolling in as I headed up Cinch. When I got to the top it was simply magical. I took a number of photos of Drink of Water (Lift #5) which is being upgraded to a high-speed quad this summer, and decided this was my goodbye to the lift.


April 12: Final Reflection

It was four days prior to closing day and I see the water is super calm on my way to work. This reflection photo was all too fitting.


You made it! Wow, I’m impressed. Thanks for taking the time to look through some of my photos and read through some of my favorite moments of the season. It was truly an honor to wake up every day with the goal of sharing the beauty of Beaver Creek. This resort sits on the absolutely pristine White River National Forest. Let’s make sure we do everything we can to protect these national treasures! If you want to learn how to be responsible in the outdoors, check out Leave No Trace. If you liked my photos and want to see more visit my website or follow me on Instagram.

All the best,